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Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Ryan Thompson


Saints Row 4 Review

Saints Row 4 really takes the formula from the last game and builds off of that to make a game that is more crackdown then another Grand Theft Auto. Most of the missions even feel like a “Directors Cut” or alternate version of things from Saints Row The Third.

The story starts off with you going after the leader of S.T.A.G from the previous game who has now went rogue and trying to destroy America and her evil ways, at the end of the mission you have saved America. Jump five years later you are now President of the United States. While you are on your way to a press conference your character walks through the White House which now has basically been turned into a drug palace aliens attack the country and you now have to try to stop the invasion. You fail of course and get put into a matrix style prison simulation. This is where the game really starts to set itself apart from the previous titles and becomes more of a crackdown this game even has orbs that you collect just like in Crackdown but in Saints Row they are called clusters.


While still in the tutorial missions you get your first superpower. Once the story opens up and you start focusing on rescuing your homies, you also will get new loyalty missions and this to me is the part the game really shines in because it makes you want to do the side missions that I usually don’t care about doing but they make doing those fit into the story in a great way. The pop culture references in this game can be even crazier than in the previous game especially in the way this game uses its soundtrack, if it’s from playing what is love while escaping in a ship or playing Aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing” in the most awesome way possible. One of my favorite missions in recent video games was the end mission in Saints Row the Third in the way it combined the action with it’s soundtrack and Saints Row 4 does not disappoint.

Saints Row 4 is just as vulgar as the previous game in use of language and some of the items that might be found or used in the game. While on the ship you can have dialogue options with all of your homies and one option is basically to have sex with them while nothing is shown, which can still be vulgar.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and where it went with some of the story themes, such as those involving your character was a nice way to really put a bow on what seemed like an epic two-part game in both Saints Row the Third and Saints Row 4. I would finally recommend if you have not played the previous game and want to get the full experience with this one then play saints row the third before going into Saints Row 4 since this game does do a good job with explaining back story you will understand it better having played the previous. I give this game a 3.5 out of 5 stars mostly because of the vulgarity and sexual content otherwise it would be a perfect game.


Saints Row 4 Review Ryan Thompson

Summary: Those who enjoyed the previous installment of Saints Row will not be disappointed. This game includes vulgar and implied sexual content.



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