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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Ryan Thompson


Rush Bros Review

Rush Bros is a downloadable title that is a mix between a platformer and a racing game that features both splitscreen and online multiplayer.

The soundtrack is the first thing that will stand out with this game, especially the fact that you can add in your own custom tracks with music from your computer.


When I first started playing this game, I will be honest, I wasn’t really feeling the setup.  I was thinking that the music would change the rhythm of the level you were currently playing in and that would be part of the puzzle.  Once I realized that the game was a straight up race to get from point A to point B as fast as possible, and that it really was made to try and beat your friends in a vs race mode, the game really started to get better for me.  Some of the later levels really start to feel like your playing Super Meat Boy instead of Super Mario Bros on acid,  that is a good thing.

There is not really a lot of depth to the game. What you get in the first level is what you get in the fifteenth level, but with that said there are a lot of levels to choose from, and the levels can get super hard.  This gives you a reason to keep coming back to this game to try and beat your previous times, or to challenge your friend on an level that you have finally mastered. That is the biggest draw for the game.  I mean, yeah, it is nice to be higher than your friends on the leaderboards in a game, but it’s really nice to beat them in person or in real time online so you can talk smack to their face virtually or in real life.  I have actually found myself turning this game on for a bit when I get home and just kind of wind down from the work day with it.


With all that said, I will say the style of the game does not really last for me.  It (at times) comes off as having a style, but not one that makes it stand out amongst other games that are of a similar platforming genre.

Overall, I will say that while this game might not be for everybody, it does have some really fun concepts that I did not really get or care for at first, but they really grew on me.  I just wish it had a little more character.

Developer: XYLA Entertainment

Publisher: Digital Tribe

Platforms: PC, Mac, Ouya

Price: $10

Plan of Attack provided Hardcore Christian Gamer with a review copy of Rush Bros.

Rush Bros Review Ryan Thompson

Summary: Rush Bros is a platforming racer that offers a chance to beat your opponents online or face to face. It features a large selection of levels and custom soundtracks.


User Rating: 3 (1 votes)

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